About Thank You More Please

Hello, there. This site is a little bit about me and a lot about sharing and being thankful for this abundant Universe. The mission here is to showcase art, music, people doing really good things, people helping people, and so on. You know, those things you see and say to yourself, “Wow. Thank you! More, please…”


I ran across a little indie movie touted to be a Sundance favorite. Intrigued, I started watching and fell totally in love with it.  In fact, the message of gratitude woven throughout the entire film inspired this website.   Oh, the movie?  It was “Happy Thank You More Please”. And, okay, the reviews were not exactly stellar – but, hey!  It was written and directed by actor Josh Radner (How I Met Your Mother) so what’s not to love?!

The movie inspired me and sometimes inspiration shows up when you  least expect it.  The secret is to always expect it! So, for being inspired by that little movie and being able to share other people’s talents and stories and art and music, I will be eternally grateful. It also reminded me to never miss an opportunity to say, “Wow. Thank you…” and “more, please…”


It makes the Universe eternally abundant.

For you.  For me.

For everyone.

So, thank you and…

more, please.

p.s.  Go see the trailer here then go watch the whole, delightful movie. Seriously.